Slow wedding, please!

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Slow wedding, please!

How to celebrate a dream wedding in a perfect Italian style? The new fashion in Italy is slow living.After the hectic paces of recent years, the "slow" movement prevails throughout Europe and has become a new philosophy of life.

The keywords are slowing down, finding your ties, taking time to rediscover the ancient flavors and wisdom. A real cultural revolution that focuses on a renewed desire for authenticity and a return to fundamental values, rediscovering a slow look that is driven by the quest for genuine pleasure.

The new trend in marriages
The word slow is now bound in a wide range of experiences, from food to body care. Also on the subject of marriage, the latest trend is the "slow wedding ": a way of living a truly immersive marriage, in search of authentic solutions that make it unique and memorable, a real dip in the Italian tradition and hospitality of this wonderful country. A truly incomparable experience in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, the fine art of hospitality, class, the flavours and pleasures of the beauties that only Italy can offer.

A authentic wedding party
I like the idea of thinking about what the guests would like the at your wedding. They'd probably be happy to chat with old friends, enjoy a fine wine in the company of their loved ones, dance and share moments of carefree fun in a dream landscape. In other words, to be part of really authentic festivities , made to consecrate the union of a couple who takes its guest very seriously. In other words, a wedding truly memorable for everyone!

Getting married while relaxing
Rather than forcing your guests to exhausting day, you can choose to surround yourself with a small circle of friends and relatives to give such a unique experience that will remain forever in their hearts. The site will be a home in the countryside, a cottage, a mountain cabin or a beauty farm. The advice is to dilute the partying and host your guests for two days, allowing them to enjoy a weekend of fun and relaxation in an exclusive and totally confidential location. If you're already imagining inaccessible costs, do not be fooled, the slow wedding is for everyone, just arrange it with care and with the help of a professional who can reveal the most secret corners of this wonderful and unique country.